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Our Top 5 Tape Machine Plugins

Tape Machines offer a unique way to add character to your tracks without having to shell out for expensive studio equipment. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite tape machine plugins for 2023.

UAD Studer A800

This plugin captures the sound of an iconic piece of hardware that has been used in countless recordings throughout the years. It features multiple tape speeds, adjustable bias, and adjustable head age which allows you to dial in exactly the sound you want. The UAD Studer A800 is perfect for adding subtle saturation or full-on crunchy distortion depending on your needs.

Waves Kramer Master Tape

This plugin was modeled after the legendary Kramer Master Tape machine and delivers a warm, vintage sound that adds depth and richness to any track. It features multiple impulse responses from different tape machines as well as adjustable drive, bass boost, tone controls, and a low-cut filter that allow you to fine-tune your sound even further. The Waves Kramer Master Tape is perfect for adding warmth and character without sacrificing clarity or punch in your mix.


This plugin emulates an analog tape machine with two channels that can be used independently or linked together for stereo processing. It features selectable EQ curves and adjustable input/output levels as well as a “tape bounce” mode which adds natural compression and saturation similar to what would happen when bouncing down tracks from one tape machine onto another. The McDSP EM-T2 is great for adding light amounts of warmth or full-on vintage vibe depending on what you need it for. 

Slate Digital FG-X

This plugin captures the sound of classic analog consoles by using advanced modelling technology along with real analog circuitry components such as transformers and op amps. It also features two independent saturation circuits which allow you to dial in exactly the amount of warmth or crunchiness needed for each track or instrument in your mix. The Slate Digital FG-X is perfect if you want an authentic analog console sound without having to buy expensive hardware gear! 

Softube Tube Delay

This plugin captures the distinct tone of vintage tube delay units while adding modern convenience with its intuitive user interface. It features a wide range of controls such as wet/dry mix, feedback level, modulation rate, modulation depth, delay time, attack time, release time, high cut frequency control and much more! The Softube Tube Delay is great for adding depth and texture with its lush echo sounds or creating unique effects like reverse delays or chorus delays! 

Go Forth, Rebel Artist.

When it comes to recording music, having access to quality plugins is essential if you want to get professional results without breaking the bank buying expensive hardware equipment. Tape machine plugins are some of our favorites when it comes to adding warmth and character to any mix or recording project. We hope this overview has helped give you an idea of some great options available today! Whether you’re looking for an authentic analog sound or something more modern, there’s sure to be a plugin here that fits your needs!