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Learn Your Vocal Range with These Tips

Knowing your vocal range is an important step in becoming a better electronic music producer. It’s essential to understand how your voice works and the range of notes you can comfortably sing. This knowledge will help you choose the best style of music for your voice, create songs that fit within your vocal capabilities, and even learn how to harmonize with other singers. Here are some tips for discovering your vocal range.

Start by Identifying Your Lowest Note

Finding your lowest note is the first step in discovering your vocal range. To do this, start by humming a low note and gradually move up until you find the lowest pitch you can comfortably reach without straining or sounding out of tune. When you find it, try singing the same note with words; if it sounds good and comes naturally, then this is likely to be the bottom of your range.

Identify Your Highest Note

Once you’ve identified your lowest note, it’s time to move on to finding the highest note in your vocal range. Start by humming a higher pitch than the one you just identified and continue going up until you can’t hum any higher without straining or hitting a sour note. Then try singing the same note with words; if it sounds good and comes naturally, then this is likely to be the top of your range.

Measure Your Range

Now that you know both ends of your vocal range, it’s time to measure it so that you have a clear idea of what notes are within reach for you as an electronic music producer. To do this, take a piano or keyboard (or use digital tools) and play each end of the scale separately until they sound like matching pitches—this will give you an idea of how long or short your vocal range actually is. You can also use online tools like The Singing Expert’s Vocal Range Finder which measures both ends at once for quick results!   

Go Forth, Rebel Artist.

Knowing your vocal range as an electronic music producer is incredibly helpful when creating new songs or working with other singers on harmonies—it allows you to choose styles that best suit your own unique voice and make sure that all parts fit together perfectly in a mix. With these tips, finding out exactly where those limits lie has never been easier! Now get out there and start exploring!