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So, I finally did it.

It has been 13 years since my first electronic music festival, where I was swept into a world only I thought existed in early 2000s movies. “Raves” were something they went to in the Matrix — not something I could hop on the G train to go check out, right? 

I’ve tried my hand at a lot of things. One thing I doing earlier during my time in the industry was writing for various dance blogs. It seems like a lifetime ago, but back in the ancient prehistoric times of EDM (so like, 2010-2012), blogs were kind of a big deal. I know, SUPER weird. It’s weird that you’re even reading one.

The fuck are we doin’, bro?

Okay, I’m kidding. So getting into the industry is hard and you really have to put everything you have into making things happen. When I wrote for blogs, it was usually for very minor money, mostly comps to various parties around the city, and a chance to interact with my heroes. So I did the shit out of it.

My name is Tom Rogers. You probably haven’t met me yet, but I somehow found myself in the center of the blogosphere, introducing the founders of LessThan3.com by bringing one to the afterparty instead of a date. Woops! Giant blog spawned. I also wrote a few monthly columns for UnitedStatesTranceMovement.com (shout out Dougie Fresh!), some interview pieces for UndrgrndSound.com, event reviews for Beatcue (formerly ElectronicNightLife), and I contributed heavily to a local trance and progressive blog AudibleChemistry. 

Editor’s Note: Weird flex, I know. These weird fossil pokemon names mean something, to someone, I swear. Okay, moving on.

All that is to say, I never made my own blog. Despite doing all those bloggery things, for all of the blogs, like a total try hard (one blog wasn’t enough Tom??) — I never went and started one on my own.

So like… welcome, to the blog. It finally happened.

I have some… really, really interesting experiences from a lifetime of pursuing my passion in this music. I’m excited to share them with you.

In 2023 the team is launching a project called YEAR OF THE RIFT (see what I did there?). 

Editor’s Note: Most people will not see what you did there Tom, no. Not at all. You are way, way too into the Matrix movies. Is it because the guy’s name is Tom? 

It’s more about the culture of the Matrix movies. I’m pretty sure I can make out Morpheus’ curly smirk and the voice behind the pre-drop sample in Sean Tyas’ “Matter of Time.” Matrix Movies and Trance Music are inseparable to me — and I am sure a whole generation of people who love this music.

Also, I’m like… really, really, smooth with the written word. There’s no editor. I just did that to subject change while keeping this post short. Economy of words, bitches. <3 

So anyway, The Matrix. Please do not talk to me about the new movie. That… kind of hurt. I don’t know what to say about it that hasn’t already been said. If you think the new one is good, I don’t know if we can be friends. I’m sorry, dude.

I’m also like… REALLY sarcastic. 🙂 

Anyway, this is where I’m going with all this — question for you. Why is cyberpunk no longer affiliated with trance music? People seem confused by the fact that we have highly alternative branding, which doesn’t necessarily tie into the usual EDM branding. 

It’s about to get like, really meta. We promise.

Editor’s Note: He promises. I do not promise. This might be the end of the current social media economy as we know it.