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What is an EPK?


An EPK is an Electronic Press Kit. It is a digital package of information about you and your music that you can send to promoters, booking agents, radio stations, and others in the music industry. An EPK can include your biography, photos, social media links, videos, audio tracks, and press clippings. An EPK should be updated regularly so that it always includes your most recent work.


An EPK can be an important part of your music promotion arsenal. Here are a few reasons why: 


1. An EPK can help you get gigs. 

If you’re looking to book shows at festivals or other events, having an EPK can give you a leg up on the competition. Event organizers frequently receive hundreds or even thousands of submissions, so anything you can do to make your submission stand out is helpful. An EPK can also be useful when submitting your music to radio stations or blogs for consideration.



If you’re looking to get signed by a label, an EPK can be a valuable way to introduce yourself and your music to A&R reps and other industry professionals. In many cases, labels will ask for an artist’s EPK as part of the submission process. 


3. An EPK can help you stay organized. 

Putting together an EPK requires you to gather all of your promotional materials in one place. This can be a helpful exercise in itself, as it forces you to take stock of what you have and what you need to create or acquire. Having all of your marketing materials organized in one place will also save you time and hassle down the road when you need to put together a last-minute submission or proposal.


4. An EPK is relatively easy (and inexpensive) to create. 

In the past, creating an effective press kit required printing copies of everything and shipping them off to interested parties—a process that was both costly and time-consuming. These days, with platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive, it’s easy (and free!) to create a digitalEPK that anyone can access with just a few clicks. All you need is some basic design skills and access to a printer (if you want to include physical promo materials like stickers or postcards in your kit). 


Go Forth, Rebel Artist.

There are many ways to create an EPK. You can use a word processing program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create a text-based EPK.

EPKs are essential tools for promoting your music and getting booked for gigs. An EPK should include your biography, photos, social media links, videos, audio tracks, and press clippings.