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Best Trance Serum Presets

Serum has become a hugely popular synth plugin for many musicians. Its extraordinary range of functions gives it a bit of a steep learning curve, but it also means that there are so many options. Its popularity means that there are plenty of presets for it too, making it easy to find the best packs for different genres.

Trance musicians have an extensive range of presets to choose from if they’re looking for the right sounds for their tracks. Serum itself might not come with a large number of presets, but adding to them is simple when you know where to look for them. Many Serum presets are also free or sold at a super low cost, so you don’t even have to pay a lot to get the Serum presets that you want.

Take a look at some of the best trance Serum presets that are available to add some new sounds to your collection.

#1 Serum Trance Essentials Volume 1 by Freshly Squeezed Samples

You get more than 250 samples in this pack from Freshly Squeezed Samples. It’s a tried and tested pack of presets that was released a number of years ago and in that time it’s received five-star reviews from people who have purchased it. Completely royalty-free, the sounds have been inspired by a range of artists and record labels and it’s pretty good value for what you get in the pack. With so much included, it really is a volume of essentials. Plus, there’s also a second and third volume, or you can buy all three together in a bundle.

#2 Akashic Rift Spire Bank

This collection from Akashic Rift isn’t technically a Serum preset—it’s actually a sound bank for Spire. However, the quality of the pack is just too good to ignore and contains quality, modern sounds. It’s suitable for any genre but particularly good for anyone making trance or progressive music. This particular preset pack comes from Akashic Rift’s Artist Series and features sounds by Eximinds, who has released on A State of Trance, Garuda, Coldharbour Recordings, and other trance labels. It features 50 presets that are 100% royalty-free and that are labeled by category and type. It’s all plug-and-play, so just get started right away. What’s more, this pack debuted on sale for just $1, so there isn’t really anything to dislike about it.

#3 TITAN-2 Xfer Serum Presets

These presets by CFA Sound available from Loopmasters feature EDM, progressive house, and trance sounds. This includes 90 presets sorted into categories, including 20 bass, 22 synth, and 13 pluck sounds. It also comes with a promo PDF with an exclusive discount code, so you can get money off their GRIP Valve Drive Compressor plugin for AudioUnit & VST. At just over $21, it’s more expensive than some other options but you still get some great presets inspired by some excellent artists. All of the presets offer full Macro Control allocation for complete flexibility.

#4 Sound Terminal Terminal Waves

The Terminal Waves collection from Sound Terminal features more than 260 presets across three volumes. Volumes I, II, and III all offer a great selection of patches that can be used for a variety of genres, including trance. Made by the programmer known as The Terminal Man, there’s a range of inspiring presets to explore, whether you’re new to using Serum or you’re an expert. These preset collections are also completely free, which is great if you’re on a budget but still looking to make music. You can get them from a Google Drive folder or download them in a zip file using copy.com, whether you want just one of them or you want all three volumes.

#5 7Skies Serum Wavetables

Wavetables aren’t exactly the same thing as presets, but they are useful to have when making your own music with Serum. Wavetables are important for patch design and can help you to begin making your own Serum sounds. Serum is capable of loading many things as a wavetable but if you’re unsure about where to start, pre-built wavetables can help to make it all more accessible. These wavetables from 7Skies (find them on the first row of downloads) are not only really useful to have in your arsenal but are also completely free to download. You get 70 of them in one pack and they can quickly get you into custom wavetables.

#6 Black Octopus Deep Trance

This collection of sounds features WAV, MIDI and synth presets. It contains 460 files in total, giving you a vast amount of content to play with. It includes drum loops, music loops, bass loops, and more. Described as creating an “uplifting, dynamic feeling”, it can help you to take your trance mixes to the next level. It has hypnotic bass lines, dynamic percussion samples, and high-energy loops, as well as dreamy FX. You get all of this for just over $30, and it’s all dedicated to trance so you can get exactly the sound that you want to create.

#7 Sound7 Serum Future Trance Vol 1

Get fresh new trance sounds for Serum with this pack of 64 presets from Sound7. It includes 20 bass, 24 leads, 10 pads and 10 plucks and makes balanced use of onboard FX to maximize your creativity. Everything is level matched so it’s ready to use and the pack is fairly good value too. There’s also a volume 2, which you can bundle together with this one and other Serum presets to save some money on your purchases.

#8 Rio Lorenzo – Serum Trance Volume 1

Diverge offers this preset pack as the ultimate choice for anyone making trance, progressive house, and electronic music. Rio Lorenzo is known for his releases on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records and Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings. He has also produced catwalk music for London Fashion Week. Using his vast experience, he has created a Serum bank with 65 expertly crafted presets. They have each been designed to mimic the sound of pure analog hardware, making them great for creating tracks with a professional sound. The patches all use all four Macros to provide a flexible experience. 50 midi files are also included with the presets to help musicians get inspired and work faster too.

#9 Bjorn Akesson – Serum Trance Volume 2

Another collection from Divergence Synthesis, these Serum presets have been put together by Bjorn Akesson. Bjorn is a well-known name in trance and has grown global recognition in the genre. He knows what he’s doing, and he’s put his knowledge as a producer to good use with this bank of presets. It features 64 presets, as well as 64 midi files with all macros assigned. It comes in at just under $20, making it a pretty good deal considering you’re getting presets from someone who is such a master of his craft. These presets have received 5-star ratings from previous customers.

#10 AZS Halcyon Vol. 2 for Serum

This sequel volume to Aiyn Zahev’s Halcyon Volume 1 follows up on the successful first collection. Halcyon Volume 2 combines a range of different sounds, from the more aggressive to the ambient. Like other preset banks, this one also includes midi files to provide some inspiration on how to use these new sounds. And it’s all royalty-free so you can use them as you wish. There are 54 midi files on top of the 114 presets that are included. All sounds are level checked and almost all have either Modwheel or Macro assignments.

#11 Zenhiser Serum Trance Presets

These Serum trance presets from Zenhiser use an energetic style to deliver a great selection of sounds. You get excellent quality from these presets, with 105 of them included in the pack. There are also 5 mini trance tracks included to help you get inspired and think about how to put the presets to good use. The royalty-free collection can be downloaded in 24-bit wav, standard midi and fxp presets.

#12 Psy Trance Serum Presets

All trance artists and producers will enjoy this collection of Serum presets by House of Loop, but psy trance producers are going to find it particularly useful. It offers a great selection of 60 presets for just over $15, providing a handy selection for everyone from beginners to those with more experience. If you’re looking for a pack of presets that focuses on psy trance, this is a good pick.

#13 Psytrance for Serum 5

Another option for anyone looking for psy trance presets, this collection from Zenhiser is the fifth volume in a series. It has an impressive 150 presets and 141 samples, plus 30 midi files. It’s on the pricier side at over $40, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a preset bank that has been thoughtfully put together. Plus, if you get hold of the other four volumes, you’ll have everything you need to create unique psy trance tracks.

Discover amazing trance presets for Serum with this list of suggestions and start making better music. You can have a huge range of new options at your fingertips.